Press Release Regarding The Airstrikes That Have Been Carried Out Since Yesterday Against Hospitals In Aleppo

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 09.06.2016

No: 129, 9 June 2016

We are immensely outraged by the continuation of airstrikes in a ruthless manner on hospitals, schools, mosques and other civilian targets in Syria by the regime and Russia.

As such, we strongly condemn the airstrikes on hospitals in Aleppo incessantly carried out since yesterday resulting in the deaths of dozens of civilians.

Among the hospitals targeted, the one in Al-Shaer district of Aleppo is reported to have been completely destroyed. These attacks constitute a deliberate act against humanity and they will undoubtedly not go unpunished.

Our hope is that those who are responsible for these crimes against humanity be immediately brought to justice and that cessation of these attacks and actions, which will go down as a stain in the history of mankind, be ensured by the international community without further delay.

Esat Şafak Göktürk Ambassador
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