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Welcome to the web-site of the Turkish Embassy in Oslo.


Turkey and Norway established diplomatic relations in 1926. The first resident Turkish representation opened in 1946, which was elevated to full Ambassadorial mission in 1957. Since then, bilateral relations have both developed and deepened on a wide range of areas. Our common values, shared interests and similar views regarding international and regional issues have drawn us even closer and made us important partners. Turkey and Norway are in close cooperation in international organizations and work together in the promotion of peace, security and stability from the Balkans to the Middle East and from Africa to Afghanistan, as NATO allies and partners.


2013 has been a milestone in the bilateral relations. His Majesty King Harald V. and H.M. Queen Sonja’s visit to Turkey, upon the invitation of His Excellency President Abdullah Gül, marked the first ever state visit between the two countries. During this visit, agreements were signed to further our cooperation on business, trade and energy.


Annual bilateral trade volume has reached 1, 8 billion US dollars last year, favouring Turkey. Norwegian investments in Turkey are increasing, in particular in the field of energy.

Direct contacts and forging closer understanding between the peoples are at least as important as the formal relations.  Close to 17.000 people of Turkish origin who live in Norway constitute a strong bond between our two countries.  I am pleased to witness that the members of the Turkish community, who take part successfully in all walks of life, make significant contributions to Norway. Also more than 400.000 Norwegians visit Turkey every year.  The number of Norwegians preferring to stay in Turkey for longer periods and even buying properties in Turkey is rapidly growing.


I take this opportunity to extend my best wishes and greetings to the people of Norway.


Şafak Göktürk Ambassador

Esat Şafak Göktürk Ambassador
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